Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Paint Job

The paint was pretty beat up on my recently acquired "Budget Heckler" as you can see!

So I stripped it down, used white primer and repainted a basic, gloss white! Looks pretty darn good I think for a "Spray can job" I think.

I am going to get replacement for pivot bearing I trashed during disassembly tomorrow I hope!

I also found another deal for this. My Fox Float RC on this frame was trashed (no dampening, very bad metal sounds when the piston was moved up and down!) and I didn't want to spend $130 with Fox for a rebuild! Besides, I was concerned about an air shock with my weight (205+ lbs.....I'm not saying how much "plus") and wanted to swap it out for a coil over shock instead.

A little "huzpa" here....I follow the local newspaper's free online want-ads daily always looking for a deal (how do think I found my frame to begin with?) and have always noticed the same guy posting a different bike or two every week. So, I called the number on his latest ad and just asked if he had a 7-7/8" coil-over shock and he did! It is a RockShox Pro Deluxe. Not wanting to spend any more money (new Grandson on the way you know) I asked if he was interested in a trade. Since he builds bikes for resale, I asked if he would trade the shock for my Raleigh M60 bare frame and the RockShox Jett fork that came with it! Since I was trying to sell them on the same classified ad site for only $40 for both, seemed like a good deal for me since the shock is probably worth $80-$100. He said fine, he needed another hardtail project more than the big shock. So I will go pick it up tomorrow.

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