Saturday, July 25, 2009

$171 for a Heckler??

What a day yesterday was! My oldest daughter finally made us Grandparents! So, up all night on Thursday night, daughter finally decided to go to hospital @ 3:30 AM and by 6:00AM I am running home to get my wife. We let her sleep thinking it was just a quick "your doing fine" kind of check but noooo.... She had to have a C-section and time was of the essence!

Anyway, grandson Asher Liam Long was for July 24th @ 7:07AM, both he and mother are doing fine. Despite my lack of sleep I was so keyed up when I got home last night at 10:00pm I started finishing the bike!

I obviously went with a basic "black and white" paint scheme and it turned out just like I had imaged it would. Not bad I think for a "department store spray can of paint" job.

Here is a pictorial recap of the project:

The start of my "Budget Heckler". At this point I am exactly $110 into the project ($80 Frame and all the crap off of my old Raleigh M60 hardtail hung on it). As you can see, the paint was in pretty sad shape.

I didn't strip this all the way down to bare aluminium, just sanded off decals (what was left of them). If I wasn't trying to be so cheap on this project (see Grandson comments above!) I would have taken it to be sandblasted clean. I used a combination of wet and dry sanding and even a wire brush for the decals. In the process of breading the frame down and removing the swing arm, I broke one of the pivot bolt bearings. I was able to find a single bearing (didn't need or want an SC Propack for this project. I called the local industrial bearing supply place and they had just what I needed. For the first generation Hecklers, it is a "General Bearing Corp" P/N Z99R6. Less than $10.

Anyway, after sanding and final rinsing (did you notice I was too lazy to even pull the BB), I laid down several coats of "el cheapo" white primer lightly sanding between coats and then a nice final wet sanding.

After I made sure it was totally dried I moved into my garage to reduce the possibility of flying "critters" and other stuff swirling around outside getting into the final color coat. I chose to stay all gloss white for the color with just a touch of gloss black on the rear triangle axle area.

I applied the Krylon Gloss White paint in several light coats followed by about 6 or 7 light coats of Krylon Gloss Clear overcoat. It was hitting 102 degrees in Utah at the time, so after spraying the color and letting it sit for a few minutes, I moved it back outside to cook in Natures own "oven"

After everything had time to dry fairly well (2 days) I started putting it all back together (very carefully as the paint will need at least a month to fully "cure", I used lots of rags to protect painted areas as I worked) and began to see the results of my labor!

In keeping with my "spend as little as possible" motif (again, see comments about new Grandson) while I was working on the paint, I kept shopping our Local Online newspaper's classifieds and snagged two good deals I felt were worthy of my Budget Heckler. I found two good ones I think!

Someone had a brand new set of Bontrager Race Tubless rims/ disc hubs with equally new Bonty Jones XR tubless tires mounted to them. He wanted $40 for the set! Thought I would get into a car wreck getting to his place before someone else did!The second good deal was when I called a guy who does a lot of selling on the classifieds for bikes he has bought and refurbished. I called and asked if he had a coil over rear shock that would fit the bike and he had just gotten a pristine condition RockShox Pro Deluxe. I offered to trade him my old Raleigh hardtail bare frame I had just raped for this bike. He said fair deal so I picked up the shock and put it on this bike. Plus, it had a black spring that would match my black and white "outfit". Now I forgot to tell you that the reason the frame was so cheap was because the Fox Float was trashed (not air seals, but really nasty sounding metal scraping inside). Besides, I was worried that with my 205+ lbs I would be too rough for an air spring anyway.
For this: I was able to trade for this:
Here is the results of my hard labor and bargain hunting:
And here is the final tally sheet:
1. Frame $80
2. Wheelset $40
3. Cassette $25
4. Paint $18
5. Pivot bearing $8
6. RockShox Pro Deluxe $trade

Grand Total $171.00

Not a bad deal huh? Please leave comments on the Forum to let me know what you think.

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