Thursday, July 23, 2009

Paint is Done, now to find where parts go!

Well, pretty productive day. I found a source for the pivot bearing (the local Santa Cruz dealers were out of Propacks for the 1st generation Hecklers) and I didn't want to wait for mail order. Turns out, these bearings are a pretty common commodity in the industrial world! I went to a local Industrial Bearing supply store, He took one look and came out with exactly what I needed! It is a "General Bearings Corp" p/n Z99R6. So, if you are in a pinch or only want one bearing, then check out your local Industrial Bearing stores!

Paint is done, got swingarm back on so now it looks like a bike frame again!

Traded my old Raleigh Frame and fork for a very good condition RoxShox Pro Deluxe spring shock (again, I weigh 205+ lbs) and it has a nice black spring, so the "Black and White" theme has come completely together! It wasn't an exact fit, it is only 7-1/2" eye-to-eye and the bushings for the 2" wide mount (the bottom one) were a little too wide. So, I took the bottom bushings from the trashed Float and manually filed them down to fit the smaller eye hole on the Rockshox (could have taken them in to be machined, but hey...this is about a CHEAP rebuild, isn't it?). I also had to drill out the top-tube bushings slightly to take the stud used on the Heckler but that was easy. The Rockshox has a little more travel (there is enough clearance to allow for it) and I hope it will work out fine.

Since my Cheap-O SR Suntour Duro-D fork is only a 100mm version, it is a little shorter than I would like and I noticed the geometry was a little "quick" since there was less Rake to the front end. I am hoping that since the RockShox shock is almost 1/2" shorter, that will sit the rear down a little and help offset the shorter fork. We will see tomorrow when I give it a test ride.

Tomorrow....the rest goes on and TEST RIDES! (Of course it will be better than before, just like a clean car always runs better!

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