Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Finishing Touch !

Well, in continuing in my "cheaper is better" way of thinking on this build, I decided to make my own stickers instead of buying them for a measely $20 direct from Santa Cruz! Yes, they would have looked more professional, but this project has been about making something out of nothing.

So I went down to the local Office Depot, bought a 10-pack of Avery #18665 8 1/2" x 11" full sheet, clear, inkjet printable labels.

Then I grabbed the sample picture of the decal sheet I was going to buy off of an un-named website. I then installed the FreeWare Graphics program "GIMP" and proceeded to clean up the picture I had downloaded, scaled the size back up and printed them out!

I then stuck them on after cleaning the frame carefully after my first real ride (picture to the right)

Since inkjet ink is not waterproof and to seal the edge of the stickers against moisture causing them to lift, I then applied several light coats of clear gloss overcoating.

I even bumped my ego a bit and put my name on the bike!

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